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Apple TV

Ультразвуковой увлажнитель воздуха CS Medica KIDS CS-19h
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Model: CS-19h
5 440 р
3 100 р
Осеребритель воды СЕРЕБРИН
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2 607 р
2 350 р
Apple TV
Apple TV - a very convenient device, not only that you are always using the Internet, you can watch your favorite movie or the series. Now Apple TV has become available Appstore. This implies the fact that now with this small device, you can download other applications. This, as well as mobile games, and some programs. We can say that this representative of Apple technology has become a full-fledged prefix. You can easily listen to your favorite music on your device. Just a couple of clicks on the remote control, and you switch from one action to another. And do not forget that you can always record something on your internal memory.