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Home accessories

Блок питания для подзарядки батареек для ALCOTEST
Model: Блок питания для подзарядки батареек для ALCOTEST
14 900 р
Алкогран АМ-565
Model: АМ-565
59 000 р
Draeger Interlock 7000
Model: Draeger Interlock 7000
139 000 р
Home accessories

Anyone, regardless of status, marital status or financial well-being, seeks to live more comfortably. Most of the world economy is built exactly on this, and our shop has done a great job in order that you can buy incredibly useful and at the same time quality household items. Today, a huge number of companies offer their products in this area, but we offer only the best from Western manufacturers. The functionality and stylish look of a variety of accessories for the home makes you think about choosing a particular subject.

If you are looking for where to buy ironing boards, household lighting items, various accessories for household appliances or other accessories, then our store is at your service.