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Innovative invention - quadrocopter. With its help, they study places of accidents or disasters in difficult terrain. Ordinary users shoot videos, videos for the home archive, admire the area from a bird's eye view. In older people, the appearance of this object immediately raises the question of what it is. He is incredibly agile, fast, while almost silent and easy to manage. Equipped with four screws, there are models with a large number of propellers, they are more powerful. It can conduct aerial photography at an altitude of two kilometers. Quadrocopter flies using a remote control, runs on battery power. The product can be connected to a smartphone, which allows you to immediately receive high-quality images and broadcast the flight online.

Every flyer can choose the right product. For example, a quadrocopter with a camera, without it or with installation at its discretion. Drones with the presence or addition of a GPS module, autopilot or its absence. You can choose different suspensions for cameras: controlled, uncontrollable, with the ability to install. Most importantly, there is the opportunity to choose the most fashionable design, among the abundance of models. At your discretion, the presence of a return function to the take-off point or its absence, a quadrocopter with or without autopilot.

There are popular brands that have been producing quadrocopters for several years: DJI, UDI RC Syma, 3D Robotics (3DR), Aeryon Systems, Align, Blade, etc. Most firms are American, proven over the years. Good reviews are written about them on the Internet and numerous social networks, as high-quality materials and modern technologies are used in the production. Which one is better to choose a drone and which of the manufacturers to prefer, the consultant in the store will advise in more detail or you can make your own rating for the main characteristics.

The quadcopter is not a cheap pleasure and you should take it seriously. Determine for yourself the purpose of purchasing this product. If it is intended for entertainment, you can buy a regular quadrocopter, with an electric motor, autopilot, a small number of blades. It is very small in size, which even fits in the palm of your hand. If the goals are more serious, you should pay attention to large-sized drones equipped with all functions and details; they are more powerful than usual. Large aircraft can be equipped with additional batteries, which is more difficult to do with medium and small models, the power of their screws is not enough to lift the additional load. Specialists and additional consultations will help you make the right choice.